Michael Mann Ads Night City


3 Thrilling Ads By Director Michael Mann

Michael Mann is best known for his pioneering TV show Miami Vice and big budget features like Ali, Public Enemies and Heat. Mann’s work involves fast paced, stylish visuals combined with powerful music to deliver a heightened emotional impact. Mann’s films tend to be... Read More
Woman with laptop sticky video


The Pros and Cons of using Sticky Videos for Video Marketing

Advertisers have more options than ever before when it comes to online video advertising. 2015 has seen the Facebook become a serious player in the world of video and Twitter introducing new video offerings. Add in YouTube’s sophisticated TrueView ads and advertisers... Read More
Spike Jonze Commercials


6 Mind-Blowing Commercials From Director Spike Jonze

Spike Jonze seized the attention of music fans and industry insiders when he produced the “Beastie Boys” hit single “Sabotage”. Along with public acclaim the video also won him four MTV music awards. Since then Jonze has achieved a huge amount of success both as a... Read More
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