Bold Content Corporate Video On the Rise: Business Video Statistics for 2017

The use of business video has been on the rise for the past several years and is quickly becoming a staple in a successful workplace. Its common use has been utilised towards advertising in the past, but its potential is growing. Business video can now include anything from product demonstrations, to instructionals, to testimonials, to training. Here are three ways business video has been increasingly used this year:

  • Advertising
  • Self-Teaching
  • Credibility


Advertising is everywhere: on your television, on the tube, on billboards, on clothing—the list goes on. The popularity of video is growing every day, with video making up 30% of all display advertising in the U.K.

In a recent study, 71% of marketers reported that video has a higher conversion rate compared to other content. Video advertising can help drive traffic to your website, social media, and other videos. It often feeds on itself: the more content you have online, the more likely that content will be seen and lead to the exposure of other content.

YouTube is an excellent asset for video advertising: consumers watch more than a billion hours of video each day via YouTube. Oftentimes, the viewer must watch a short 30-second advertisement before moving on to their selected video. Facebook has launched a new platform called Watch, which allows advertisers to select where within a video the ad can play.

How-ToBusiness Video

Online video is an excellent resource to grow personal knowledge. An interesting statistic shows the time women spend watching entrepreneurial videos on YouTube has doubled since 2016. With billions of videos on the internet, there is great potential to have high viewership for any instructional videos that could also lead viewers to your website.

86% of business-related videos take place on desktop browsers, compared to only 14% on mobile devices. Many companies are hiring staff just to create such videos, and with these statistics, it is easier to personalise videos of this type by making videos that work well on desktop browsers. This also points to the idea that business video is being watched in the workplace.

Corporate video can be utilised for training purposes, as well. This can add professionalism to your place of work or business, and keep training more engaging for new employees.


Having video on your business’s website can increase viewer’s confidence in what you offer. Instructional videos for products show consumers how efficient a new gadget is, a short-film about your corporate social responsibility improves transparency, a testimonial of services provided increases your credibility.

A growing trend on Facebook, live video, is projected to grow by 15x from last year (2016) to 2021. This is a cheap and easy opportunity to show aspects of your business or product the public might otherwise not see. Due to the idea that these videos are happening as the consumer watches, viewers will forgive less-than-perfect production and welcome the spontaneity. It can display behind-the-scenes, meetings, or conferences you wish to share.

Business video is at an all-time high in 2017, and has an increasing number of audiences and uses. Whether it’s a demonstration, testimonial, or advertisement, business video is a great investment to widen your digital audience.