Collage image of the DNA structure and a rollercoaster


Using Stock Footage for Powerful Effect

There is a common misconception about stock footage, which revolves around the idea that it’s only used for adding context to “old stuff”. Often mistaken for archive footage, it is often associated with historical documentaries–displaying things that can’t... Read More
Firework show


Make Your Promo Video Stand Out!

No matter what industry you have a business in, chances are, you’re going to need to advertise. An excellent way of getting your company and what you offer into the world is to make a promotional video. When setting out to make a promo video for your business, how do... Read More


5 Fantastic 360° YouTube Videos

A fully immersive viewing experience took a big step forward in March of this year when YouTube began supporting 360° video formats. Videos uploaded using 360° video enables the viewer to look in any direction that want using a control panel in the top left hand of... Read More