Bold Content Meeting Interesting People

As our month of reflection continues… we look back at some of the interesting people we’ve had a chance to work with over the years

One of the things we’re grateful for about working in the video production industry is that we get to meet and interview some really interesting people.

In 2020 we were able to work with Edward Snowden. He was a true gentleman and really easy to direct. He was being interviewed by Caroline and Gus from Privacy International, who are one of our favourite charities to work for because the subject matter is always so interesting and this was no exception. As a whistleblower about the US Government invading citizen’s privacy, Ed is an expert in the issues surrounding online privacy. In his interview, Ed spoke eloquently about the current challenges that citizens face in retaining their rights to privacy in the face of big tech firms and governments wanting access to all aspects of their lives, making this a captivating video.

two cameramen using a camera on a shoot
set up of cameras on a shoot
view through the camera of an interview shoot with edward snowden

We’ve also had the privilege of interviewing high profile individuals such as The Duke of Cambridge on our charity video #BestManProject, as well as his father Prince Charles on some of our work for The Prince’s Trust along with celebrities such as Dynamo, Ant and Dec, Jeremy Irons, Philip Schofield and Tom Hardy.

You can watch #BestManProject here:


Some of our most rewarding work over the years has been making branded content videos for Coca-Cola’s 5by20 campaign and meeting women entrepreneurs from all corners of the world.

The 5by20 campaign was set up by Coca-Cola to help 5 million women by 2020 gain the necessary skills to build a successful business and change their lives for the better. As part of this initiative, we got to travel to countries such as Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil and the Philippines to document the stories of these amazing women who run their own businesses in the face of economic hardship. From shopkeepers to recycling collectors, remarkable women such as Zilda and Maleholhonolo have challenged social, cultural and economic barriers to earn a living and support their loved ones.

We hope you enjoy hearing more about Maleholhonolo’s story:

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