Bold Content Case Study Videos

As our month of reflection continues…we look at our work on case study videos

Case study videos are one of our main specialisms at Bold Content.

We love working with clients to create case study videos as we understand the positive impact it can have on sales and engagement. We’ve had the chance to work with so many fantastic clients showcasing a variety of products, services and charities.

Case study films are a powerful way for brands to promote products or services and they can be really flexible in terms of the creative approach.  We like to think of them as mini documentaries and just like documentaries they come in many varieties.   For example, our video for Coca-Cola featuring a farmer called Aparicio is an example of how we can use emotional human-interest storytelling in a case study video.  The film is a case study about Aparicio’s experience of the salinification of an aquifer in Valencia and how Coca-Cola were helping to fix the problem. But in order to make it appealing to a wide audience we had to get to know a bit about Aparicio first. We had to know why this was an important issue for him and what the outcome meant for him and his family. So we spent time telling his back story and getting to know him as a person before we introduced the problems he was facing.

Our film for Zenoti is a good example of a customer testimonial style of case study film.  The customer explains how they use Zenoti’s software and the difference it’s made for their business. This is really powerful social proof for Zenoti to use as part of their sales funnel. It also works well for the customer, in this instance the salon, because it highlights their business in a good light.
Our TopGear film as an example of a presenter led case study film. This one is more akin to a magazine article or a TV segment.  The presenter gives an opinion about a product which is inherently promotional for the brand being discussed.  Each of our car videos for TopGear, DriveTribe and Carfection have had millions of views so the brand awareness for each of the car companies has offered an outstanding return on investment.
Another type of case study is the branded content variety.  In our films for Pandora, commissioned by Stylist magazine, we were able to film case studies about inspirational women working in the fashion industry and at the same time show off pieces of Pandora’s jewellery collection. This opened up new audience’s for Pandora and the association with top names in the fashion industry provided an excellent platform for them to showcase their products.
And finally there’s a promotional case study film.  Our film for OnePlus, commissioned by Snapchat is a great example of how we can promote a product by telling a case study story. In this case it was the story of how Snapchat and OnePlus worked together to create an AR lens to bring friend’s closer together at Diwali.  The film is promotional in nature and it doesn’t shy away from that, but it is filmed and told in a documentary-esque manner.

Finding creative ways to tell documentary stories are our passion at Bold Content. It was this drive that led us to create the film Drug Runner with Director Charlotte Regan, which went on to win a prestigious Vimeo Staff Pick and was nominated for a VFA award for being one of the most creatively told documentary stories of the year.

We’re immensely grateful to clients who commission us with a brief to tell a creative story in the form of a case study film, so a huge thanks to our clients.

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