Bold Content #BoldFitnessVideos – The Benefit of Fitness Video Series

January is almost over and summer is right around the corner, people will be dashing to get into shape, which increases the demand for at-home and on-the-go exercise content. During our month of reflection we thought it would be a great time to look back on some previous fitness video projects, ranging from powerful and dynamic self-defence instruction videos, to a calm and harmonious yoga video series. We would like to share those amazing results and offer you an insight into how we made them.

Dynamic Fitness Videos still

Whether you run a gym, are a personal trainer, or a fitness enthusiast, there are a lot of benefits that can come from creating your own fitness video. These benefits include:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • An additional and convenient service to offer to your clients
  • A safe way for your clients to learn proper technique
  • Content for your website, social channels, and video channels
  • Content for the future that can be repurposed
  • Additional revenue (in the case of selling the videos in a package or series)

Training videos have a wide range of purposes for different styles of exercise and training. Each fitness video has its own rhythm and tempo, which requires a different style of production, filming and editing. We have worked with a variety of people who have each had different needs and purposes from their fitness training videos. This has given us the ability to adapt our filming and editing style to portray the level of intensity the video needs in order to reach its intended purpose.

Self defence training video still

Fast-Paced Fitness Video

These fitness videos required a very high-paced and motivational shooting and editing style. We began in pre-production, planning highly-dynamic shots with a wide range of movement. Shooting this type of video can prove itself to be a challenge, but we have successfully conducted a two-camera shoot for a self-defence fitness video series. We adapted our lighting and sound techniques in such a way that we did not have to compromise the quality of these elements, or the framing of the exercises, even filming from two angles.

Yoga pose still from fitness video shoot

Relaxing Fitness Video

Additionally, we have filmed a yoga video series, which has been much less dynamic, but highly meditative and not any less interesting. In this scenario, we had to make sure that we produced a video with impeccable sound quality. Most of the videos had a calming element to them, encouraging the viewer to close their eyes and engage in a guided meditation with the yoga instructor. We have quickly realised that in order for the videos to have the desired effect, we had to perfect the sound design of our videos. Not too loud, not too quiet, no cracking or pops in the sound. It is vital for this type of fitness training videos that the sound design complements the cinematography perfectly.

Technique Fitness videos still instructions

Technique Fitness Video

Lastly, we have perfected capturing videos which require a high level of detail and technical skills. One of our recent productions was a series of training fitness videos which explained the right posture and method of approaching certain exercises. This shoot demanded that we capture multiple close-ups and angles of the same exercises, in order to make sure we showcased the correct technique in the clearest manner.

It was very rewarding working with such a variety of fitness providers producing diverse fitness training videos for any kind of sports and reaching the desired target audience. In a day and age where convenience is key, we want to provide you with the ability to create quality content, which will allow you to be on trend before they even take off.

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