Bold Content Dare To Be Bold: 19 November 2021

We celebrate bold content from across the web to inspire marketers and content creators.

Diabetes, Dinosaurs, ‘Ol Dirty Bastard and wind turbines. What do these things all have in common? They are all on the hit list this week for our favourite bold pieces of online content.

This is Diabetes

Now, I feel like I’ve gained many lessons in the past few years with a major one being awareness. Awareness of what others around me are going through and awareness of what I am going through. Diabetes UK have created one central television commercial to raise awareness around the reality of living with diabetes and are using tent pole content in the form of documentaries featuring people who are in the television commercial to lead viewers back to the original content. The tent pole video strategy is a very clever tactic and one that works really well with this eye-opening campaign.


Don’t Choose Extinction

With Cop26 having just finished, we had to share the UN’s brilliant campaign ‘Don’t Choose Extinction’. This poignant new piece of content was released by UNDP/United Nations/Jack Black/Climate action and sends out a message that humanity still seems to be struggling to hear.  In short, the video is about a dinosaur presenting to the UN about how (and as the dinosaur articulates “you kinda think it would be obvious”) going extinct is a bad thing. The ridiculousness of the set up is perfect and poses the question – ‘what needs to happen for us to truly take this seriously?’ The dinosaur, voiced by Jack Black goes on to point out – “Imagine if we had spent hundreds of billions per year subsidising giant meteors?” It would be funny if it wasn’t true. As a content creator the big takeaway here is the value of flipping a serious issue and presenting it in a way never been seen before.


Taking to the Skies for Climate Change

Continuing with brilliant content released in conjunction with Cop26, we have to spotlight ‘The Climate Games’ fundraiser campaign.  ‘The Climate Games’ brings together elite athletes and content creators for a series of shorts that demonstrate the change that is occurring to our climate, and inspire us to make positive changes. The videos have already raised $400k for climate change group Re-wild. What’s so brilliant about this Danny MacAskill video in particular is that we get a visual demonstration of how much of the world’s energy comes from sustainable sources through his amazing tricks. I know I never tire of watching people attain feats you don’t think are humanly possible, and as a result this video has a strong message that we can do more and be better than we ever imagined. It’s also a really creative way to present statistics and engage a whole new audience in a subject they may not otherwise be interested in.  Maybe there’s inspiration in there for your next stats video?


We Bought the Unreleased Wu-Tang Clang Album With Crypto

Now for something a bit different. We wanted to share this bold new docu-short about how PleasrDAO (a cypto collective that buys and funds culturally significant pieces) purchased the infamous unreleased Wu-Tang Clan Album with two million dollars of crypto currency. The beauty of this piece is in it’s storytelling, with great music and sound effects to build intensity. At this point, I’d like to add that I have never in my whole life held my breath while watching someone press play on a cd player! ‘We Bought The Unreleased Wu-Tang Clan Album with Crypto’ provides a brilliant snapshot for how to tell a simple story in a way that’s full of drama and high stakes. What stories do you have to tell?


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