Bold Content K.L.T.  The Recipe for Content Marketing Success

K.L.T. The Simple Recipe for Content Marketing Success


When we create content for brands to use as part of their content marketing campaigns we often look at the goal of that content in terms of K.L.T which stands for Know, Like and TrustThis is one of the purposes of us writing this blog post and the 550 + other blog posts we’ve authored over the past eight years.  


Not only are we proving that we’re experts in our field, run by people with decades of experience in commercial video production, but we’re also showing customers and prospects we aim to become trusted advisors to our clients.  We’re happy to share our knowledge and use it to advise clients on how they can meet their communications goals using video. 


When prospects are deciding which company to work with they have the choice of ‘Company A’ who are too cool for school so they don’t create any helpful content. Or ‘Company B’ who create a load of content that’s relevant and immediately useful to their target audience. If over the course of the audience engaging with this content they get to know, like and trust the brand, then it seems a simple decision about which company they will choose as a supplier.  


This is also applicable to producing video content. Video really needs to encompass your brand values and your brand tone of voice.  This is something that we pay special attention to when creating videos for clients. If a series of videos successfully communicates with a consistent brand tone of voice and that tone of voice connects with the viewer then it leads to consumers knowing, liking and trusting a brand. 


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