How to Create Branded Content on a Budget

Branded content used to be something that only bigger companies could afford.  Certainly with video, a piece of branded content would be something that brands would use to entertain their audiences without there being a heavy sales message. Branded content would never... Read More


How to Create an Attention-Grabbing 30 Second Video

How to create an attention-grabbing 30 second video Video has definitely become the king of the internet. Social media is becoming more-and-more focused on sharing video but that does mean that your content has to work hard to grab your audience’s attention and stop... Read More


K.L.T. The Recipe for Content Marketing Success

K.L.T. The Simple Recipe for Content Marketing Success   When we create content for brands to use as part of their content marketing campaigns we often look at the goal of that content in terms of K.L.T which stands for Know, Like and Trust. This is one of the... Read More


5 Questions We Ask Before Making a Video

5 questions we ask before making a video   We have a video briefing questionnaire that we send to clients.  It has a lot more than five questions on it as we need to go into granular detail to really understand what success looks like for our clients.  However, the... Read More
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How to Make Stats Videos Interesting and Creative

How to Make Stats Videos Interesting and Creative   Video is a powerful way to market products and services, build brand awareness, boost conversions, and establish authority. But how do you present traditionally dry material, such as statistics, market research, or... Read More


How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy for 2022

How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy for 2022 In the ongoing effort to win the attention span of consumers, video has become increasingly popular and essential as a marketing tool. There are many reasons why the use of video should be part of any savvy... Read More