Bold Content How to Make Stats Videos Interesting and Creative

How to Make Stats Videos Interesting and Creative


Video is a powerful way to market products and services, build brand awareness, boost conversions, and establish authority. But how do you present traditionally dry material, such as statistics, market research, or industry trends in an interesting and engaging way on video? Let’s jump into this topic with some great examples of how to bring stats video projects to life.

Music and Animation

One of the most appealing ways to enhance a stats video is to integrate music into the film. To accomplish this, music should be tied into the film in a well-thought-out way, rather than simply dropping in a music track as an afterthought. One way to accomplish this is to edit the footage in time to the beat of a music track, which immediately adds an element of rhythm to the video and will grab and hold the viewers’ attention.

Another good way to create an interesting stats video is to combine talking heads (a format where an individual simply talks directly to the camera), and animation. This video series we made for the charity HomeStart is a great example of this and helps to accentuate key points, important statistics, and integrate branding.

2D and 3D Graphics

Utilising 2D and 3D animations are useful for conveying educational and informative material in a way that entertains, yet still looks professional. A bubble diagram with a voiceover is an example of an animation that can be used if you have a short timeframe.

A very creative way to bring a report to life is by employing a 2D animation that incorporates fluid motion and transitions. A great representation of this can be seen in this video, where uninspiring data comes alive through the use of geometric shapes that transform into representative diagrams.

Isometric design can be used in a video to create diagrams that animate data. A good example of this is using a stream graph, such as in this video, which is very useful for displaying large volumes of data. In this manner, trends can be revealed over time and in a way that makes the video more compelling.

Amazing Human Acts

an original way to portray stats in a video is to pin them within content that can be tangentially related to the subject. In this video, a stunt bike rider’s tricks are used as a conduit through which to highlight statistics that relate to climate change. Each trick = 1% of the world’s electricity already being generated through renewable energy. This technique keeps the viewer engaged and more likely to watch until the end because they’re interested to see where the information is leading.

Video is typically associated with entertainment, and it is exactly for that reason that it can be a great tool for delivering serious information in an interesting way. By using any of the methods mentioned above, you can create stats videos that are both informative and engaging. This will help keep viewers tuned in and make your video a powerful marketing and branding tool.

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