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8 Great Examples of Company Values Videos

8 Great Examples of Company Values Videos There are many ways to bring your values to life using the moving image, from a fun, humorous, lighthearted approach, to an emotional, impactful documentary  approach and everything in between. This document is intended to... Read More
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5 Great Examples of Corporate Documentary

Having a documentary commissioned is a great way to get your brand recognised and expand your potential consumer base. There are multiple ways to go about creating your piece: you could feature employees or executives, founders or consumers. You could showcase your... Read More
Coca Cola 5 by 20 Documentary by Bold Content


Latina Entrepreneur Candy Ramirez Video – Case Study

Candy Ramirez is a young woman who overcame self doubt and through hard work built her own successful bakery business. We filmed this short documentary video in March 2015 for the Coca-Cola backed initiative Adelante Movement. The Adelante Movement is itself part of... Read More
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