Bold Content Producer of ‘For Ava’ Discusses How Marketing Professionals Can Find the Best Creative Talent

One of our biggest company values here at Bold Content is assisting and promoting young filmmakers in their endeavor to create quality media. We are very proud to share our newest success in supporting two amazingly talented young filmmakers, Sarah Naudi and Keith Tedesco, in their creation of the short-film, ‘For Ava’. Our interview with Sarah discusses the project, along with how marketing professionals can source the best new, creative talent.

‘For Ava’ is a quirky, thought-provoking piece that incites musings about destiny and the cycle of repeated mistakes. Starring Sarah Naudi herself, the film showcases a conglomeration of different talents.

Sarah Naudi describes herself as many things: a writer, producer, actress, and filmmaker. Keith Tedesco is a director that we work with often, being incredibly accomplished at enticing the best performances out of the talent he works with. These two, along with a dedicated crew, recently finished the short film.

We sat down with Sarah to discuss ‘For Ava’. She talks about her experiences, group success, and the video development. We also asked her for tips on how to find new creative talent.


One piece of advice Sarah gives is, ‘For marketing professionals, it’s actually an exciting time to find new creative talent, because technology is so accessible now that people who could never dream of being writers and directors are now able. But it is hard to get your stuff out there, it’s true, so for professionals to see your work is another story. I would say festivals [is the best place to discover new talent].’

Speaking of festivals, ‘For Ava’ has been selected for the Valetta Film Festival this year. The short film will debut in the Maltese festival in the short-film category at the end of this week.

If you don’t attend festival markets, simply checking their websites for nominations can be very helpful. In this manner, you can discover those that are striving and succeeding in making good-quality film. And it isn’t just the big names such as the director and producer you can source from these kinds of films. When speaking of her crew, Sarah says, ‘If I’m making stuff, I want to include my friends, so that we are rising up together and learning from each other.’