Bold Content Client Testimonial Videos For Eye Clinic, Arnott Eye [CASE STUDY]

Customer reviews and testimonials have become an incredibly important element in how people choose the products and services they purchase. This is particularly true for high-end medical services where it is essential that you make a good purchasing decision. Client testimonial videos are one of the best ways of instilling confidence in potential clients that they are making the right decision and will achieve their desired results. Here we’ll look at how we created a client testimonial videos for Arnott Eye one of London’s leading eye clinics.

About The Client Testimonial VideosArnott Eye Clinic Testimonial Video

Arnott Eye are a private Harley Street eye clinic who work with laser surgery to improve or rescue patient’s vision. They tasked us with creating a series of client testimonial videos to allow former patients to extoll the virtues of the clinic and its revolutionary treatments. The videos worked brilliantly for the clinic as they gave a human face to the procedures and allowed real people to humanise the operations and describe the impact that it had on their lives.

Why Client Testimonial Videos?

Testimonial Video Arnott Eye ClinicThe clinic were very good at creating literature to describe the features of its products but it was the power of video that allowed potential patients to hear first hand about the benefits of the treatment. As a sales tool the videos worked well but they also worked to put patient’s fears at ease. The two client interviewees had both undergone successful treatments and were able to eloquently discuss the impact that it had on their day to day lives.

We shot the video over the course of a day and due to our experience of filming in clinical environments we were able to pay the utmost respect to clients using the clinic and patients confidentiality was taken very seriously. We were very conscious of the health and safety implications of filming in a clinic and kept crew and equipment to a minimum to avoid potential trip hazards and to keep us as mobile as possible.

The Final Client Testimonial Videos

We edited on Avid over the course of a week and after a couple of rounds of feedback we delivered the films to a very happy client. You can see the finished videos below: