Bold Content 5 Interesting Talking Head Videos

Here at Bold Content Video, we produce talking head videos all the time. We’ve collated some of our favourite videos for you to enjoy.

Trafalgar – Alberto’s Winery

Alberto’s winery is the perfect combination of an interview and a travel documentary. We are introduced to the interviewee straight away, and are then provided with many creative cutaways to give a visual spin on the dialogue.

Money Advice Service – Adam and Tami

This video is the perfect mix of live action video interviews and overlaid animation.

Metaswitch – Recruitment

We wanted to mimic the likes of Google and other big brands by creating a video that uses creative cutaways and framing. We achieved this by filming 4K and re-adjusting the framing in post-production.

Contact The Elderly – Love Lived

We recently filmed with the group Contact the Elderly to create a piece in which elderly people spoke about their life’s love and their experiences of love. This was filmed in a documentary style, where the audience learns about the characters over time.

Prince’s Trust – David Haye

We filmed David Haye at his private gym in Vauxhall, London. This was more of a vox-pop style interview, mixed with footage of David training and teaching young people about boxing.

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