a silhouette of a man stood in front of a projected image of a technical drawing


Employer Brand Video Case Study

Studio Graphene Employer Brand Video – Case Study   Studio Graphene, a fast-growing app development company, faced challenges in attracting top-tier talent in the competitive tech industry. As the demand for skilled app developers, designers, and engineers... Read More


Top 10 Recruitment videos 2024

Top 10 Recruitment Videos to watch in 2024 What is a recruitment video?  In simple terms, a recruitment video is a tool used by companies to attract and engage potential candidates. Instead of relying on traditional methods like job postings or written descriptions, a... Read More
a silhouette of a man stood in front of a projected image of a technical drawing


Recruiting Challenges

We’ve been creating recruitment videos for a decade and during that time we’ve only seen it get more challenging for tech companies to find and recruit top tier talent. A recent commission from Studio Graphene to help them address this problem by making a... Read More
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Best Promo Videos of 2020

Hoping to create a promo video in 2021? Whether you’re looking to produce an explainer, recruitment or testimonial video, there are tons of different ways to promote your product or service.  For us, a great promotional video gives your audience a chance to... Read More
Employee Brand Recruitment Video


6 Tips For Making A Great Recruitment Video

More than 50% of businesses that use video see a decrease in the time it takes to a fill a position and almost half experienced an improved cost per hire, according to a recent white paper “Video Technology and the Modern Recruiting Process”. It’s no surprise then... Read More