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Tell Your Company’s Story With Video

Video production is a vital component for all businesses. We take great pride in being recognised among the top full-service video production companies in Surrey.

We have been producing stand-out and dynamic video, animation and photography content for multiple Surrey businesses for over ten years. We are confident in producing content at any scale and have experience in making small and large budgets work.

South East England, Corporate Video Production Services in Surrey

We love creating premium content for a wide range of clients from hundreds of businesses in multiple industries.  As passionate filmmakers, we are dedicated to helping businesses tell their story and we will do what it takes to help you scale your business. 

Why You Should Invest in a Corporate Video

The way we consume content has changed drastically over the last ten years and an average person is predicted to spend 100 minutes per day watching online videos. Promotional videos are vital to increasing engagement, conveying a clear message, improving SEO, and driving forward sales. At Bold Content Video, we understand how to communicate the aims and messages that are essential to connecting to your audience. 

What Is Corporate Video Production?

Corporate video production is the process of making a corporate video as part of a company’s content marketing. At Bold Content Video Production Surrey, we provide end-to-end video production services. Here is a breakdown of the four steps of corporate film production:

Step 1 – Your Brief

As a company, you will decide on your objectives for the video and share your initial brief with us at Bold Content Video.

Step 2 – Kick-off Call

We then arrange a kick-off call / creative consultation with you. This is our opportunity to soak up vital information about your company before we propose creative ideas and solutions to make the most of your corporate video.


Step 3 – Scripting

Following our kick-off call, we will create a corporate video storyboard and script for you to sign off on before we begin production.

Step 4 – Corporate Video Production 

We will take your corporate video into production, keeping you updated and involved in every stage of production through to post-production.

We can guarantee that your corporate video is completely unique to you and your brand, no matter the scale or budget. We thrive on working in a wide range of industries, including, financial, education and training, scientific and technical activities, arts, culture, entertainment and design and many more. 

Please see more details about our experience in corporate video production here:

The Elements of an Effective Corporate Video

Key Message

The key message and purpose act as the core of your corporate video and digital marketing strategy, shaping all other elements around it. This message communicates who you are as a brand and how you want your audience to perceive you. When you have decided on your corporate video purpose, we will use it to develop your video production concept. 

Target Audience

It is imperative that you understand who the corporate video targets, whether that be other businesses, investors, potential customers or other audiences. When we have determined who your target audience is, we can identify the best way to communicate with them and the social media platforms they are most likely to see your video.

Emotional Connection and Storytelling

Behind every business is a human story; this is what audiences find most engaging. During our initial kick-off call, along with gaining an understanding of your company’s history, details and statistics, we will assess how to best humanise your story to ensure that we can create an emotional connection with your audience. 

Corporate Video Production Experts

At Bold Content Video, we believe that we are the best video content creators and our priority is to produce high-quality work while making the entire production process fun, exciting and rewarding for our clients. We will ensure that we meet your budget and deadlines and produce an engaging, educational and entertaining corporate video that successfully communicates your key message to your audience.

Bold content video production providing Corporate Video Production Surrey

How Much Does Corporate Video Production in Surrey Cost?

If you’re looking for a corporate video production company in Surrey then you’re in luck! We offer premium full-service video production services in Surrey for a wide range of budgets. Each project is bespoke and our video production prices vary on the complexity of the project, therefore we’re always glad to tailor our corporate video production packages to suit your needs.

All of our priced corporate video production packages include:

  • Detailed and updated timeline of each stage of the production
  • 4K Video production & high quality audio
  • Amendments to the final video

Let us Help You With Corporate Video Production in Surrey

We take pride in being one of the top video production agencies in Surrey and we would love to help you with your video project. Please fill in the linked form with your name, email address and a brief description of your project and we’ll be in touch to organise a free, no-obligation quote.

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