Waitrose Promotional Video

IFCO are an international supplier of reusable packaging solutions for fresh foods.

The Brief

The brief was to show how the Waitrose supermarket chain has been using IFCO products as part of an efficient supply chain for many years.

The video was filmed over two days using a three person crew including camera-person, sound specialist and camera assistant.

The video was to show how quick easy and efficient the IFCO containers were. Efficiency in this sense equates to smoothness so our filming style was motivated by this in that we used a slider for smooth tracking shots and high end video tripods for smooth pans and tilts. We also kept the video moving, whether this was our camera movement or filming a subject that was moving. This is because the content of getting food and goods to the shelves is an always moving chain so staying too static would be at odds with the content.

We filmed at both a warehouse and the supermarket to show how the process of getting to the Waitrose shelves is achieved and how at every point it is about utilizing the IFCO containers to keep this process as quick, simple and easy as possible.

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