Bold Content How To Make A Better Product Demonstration Video

Demonstration videos enable you to showcase your product in detail. Product demonstration videos give you the chance to show off the key features and benefits of your product. When done properly a product demonstration will not only explain why someone would want to buy your product, but also leave them feel comfortable about making a purchase.Product Demo Video

These videos give your product a tangibility that is difficult to achieve through other advertising mediums. Product demonstration videos can use live action, animations, voice over and motion graphics.

Here are some tips to follow to create a more effective product demonstration video.

Keep It Short

You should value your viewer’s time wisely. This means keeping the product video to a reasonable length. Allow enough time to explain your product video but don’t spend too long. According to the Wistia 2K12 report if a video lasts more than 3 minutes almost 40% of the audience will have stopped viewing.

Avoid Technical Jargon

A common mistake made when creating a promotional video is to avoid technical jargon. These are phrases and words which are specific to your industry. It is best to assume that the buyer has no pre-existing knowledge of your product and so keep it as simple as possible.

The only exception to this rule is when your audience is technically sophisticated. For example, if you have created a product for engineers the language could include technical jargon. For an audience like this, you don’t want to write a script which doesn’t appear to be talking down to them. You want to provide them with the information that they need to make an informed purchasing decision.

Use A Measured Pace

While you don’t want a product video that is overly long you also don’t want to race through it either. Take your time to explain the features of your product in detail. You want your prospective buyers to feel that they have a good understanding of the product.

Show A Human Face

The video should focus on the product but at the same time, it can be helpful to show a human face as well. This means including the presenter on camera. In some cases have the business owner or product creator can be more effective. This can give the product video a more authentic feel.

Product Demonstration Video

Maximize The Production Quality

The quality of your production is going to be implicit in the judgment people have about your product. This will include such as how the video is lit, the quality of the sound and the post-production work done on the video. If music is used, selecting the right track can make a significant difference to the feeling of the video.

Product demonstration videos can benefit from incorporating a mix of mediums. Live action with a human presenter can be complemented by animation that gives the video more impact.

This is why you should strongly consider a professional video production company to create your demonstration video.  They can help to ensure that your product is presented in the way that it deserves.

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