Bold Content 6 Things You Need To Know When Hiring A Video Agency In London

Competition for consumers attention in London can be fierce. Video is a fantastic way to break through the noise and make sure that your message is heard. But, there are certain things that many people overlook when hiring a London video production company. Here are six things that you need to think before you choose the agency that you will work with.

#1 Get the right file types

Make sure that you obtain the right file types. You should ask your London video agency to provide a master file for each of your edits. They should also include split audio tracks, one for the dialogue and the other for the music. This will allow you to use a different London post production company if you need to do any re-edits later on. If you do not have access to the master files then you will be locked into the original video agency that you worked with. The most common types of master files are ProRes 422 and Avid DNxHD. We generally recommend that your work with ProRes because it is typically easier to work across multiple editing suites. However, either type of master format will work fine.

#2 Delivery of the video files

As we noted above it is best practice to request that the London video production company provides you with the master files for your video. But, one thing to consider is how these files will be delivered. Master files can be very large with around 1GB per minute of video. Therefore, it may make sense to have the video delivered on a hard drive rather than having you they download them as this process make take several hours. Keep in mind that there will be cost implications if you choose to have them shipped via a physical hard drive and so make sure to ask your video agency about these.

#3 Obtaining permissions

If filming is going to take place on a third party person’s property then you will usually need to obtain permission. Ask the video production agency to determine whether permissions will be needed for filming. This could include homeowners, landlords or business owners. The video production company will obtain written permission that person has consented to use their property.

#4 Gathering releases

Anyone who is filmed in the video and whose face is visible must provide a signed release which should be accompanied by a photograph of those individuals. That photograph should include a sign which shows their name, the scene and which they appear and whether they are an adult or a minor. This photograph must then be attached to a signed release form. Obtaining releases can be complex in particular if filming takes place in a busy location. Ask the video production agency whether there will be someone assigned to collect this release. The video production agency should also be keeping a talent release log for everyone who has a signed release which is valid and accompanied by a photo. During the post-production process, the video production company will check these materials and compare it to the talent release log. Video Production Tips

#5 How will the sound be recorded?

Capturing quality audio can be the difference between a great corporate video and a mediocre one. For most corporate videos we use high-quality lavalier mics and then place them discreetly on the subject. The mics should be placed in a way that won’t distract the subject. In situations where the interview subject might be moving it may be preferable to used radio mics. For interviews, boom mics can be useful in addition to the lavalier mic. Sound should be recovered with a minimum quality of 48k 16bit wav files.

#6 What cameras will be used?

If the video is going to be broadcasted then it is recommended that you use a video which can be recorded to a 50mbps 422 codec. We find that using a camera like the Canon c300 works very well. If the video is going to be used globally then you will want to record the video in either 24p or 25p. All cameras used should be able to record in 1920 x 1080 in 24p.

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