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The Case for Vertical

We’ve previously discussed on our corporate blog how video is the new standard in marketing. Video advertising is everywhere: the television, computer, phones, tablets, billboards; the list goes on. Content creation is easy for even smaller businesses to take... Read More
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3 Things To Think About When Filming A Conference Video

3 Things to think about when Filming a Conference Video Video is the ideal medium for showcasing speakers and presentations to people who could not attend your Conference. Video can also be used to market your next conference to prospective attendees. No matter why... Read More
5 Things To Think About


5 Things to Think About When Planning Event Videos

5 Things to Think About When Planning Event Videos An event video is perfect for capturing both the atmosphere and those attending your event. The challenge when planning an event video is knowing the correct place to start. Below are five tips to get your planning... Read More
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360 Degree Video Advertisements

A new world of video marketing possibilities have opened up with the announcement in March of this year that YouTube now supports 360 degree videos. 360 degree video is an interactive tool that places the viewer into the viewing experienc. Viewers can change their... Read More


5 Fantastic 360° YouTube Videos

A fully immersive viewing experience took a big step forward in March of this year when YouTube began supporting 360° video formats. Videos uploaded using 360° video enables the viewer to look in any direction that want using a control panel in the top left hand of... Read More