Bold Content 5 Things to Think About When Planning Event Videos

5 Things to Think About When Planning Event Videos

An event video is perfect for capturing both the atmosphere and those attending your event. The challenge when planning an event video is knowing the correct place to start. Below are five tips to get your planning process started the right way.

1. Angle

How your video is captured is one of the most important elements for the video. This will provide the first impression of your event and therefore will last the longest with the viewer. There are many creative elements which can be used at this point in the process, for example if you are planning an event which will be attended by hundreds of people an aerial drone may be used to demonstrate how large the event is. If it is a smaller event, something to consider is a wider angle capturing different groups or tables of people.

The most important thing to remember is that the angle which you choose should reflect the atmosphere of the event as this is what will be resounding with the viewer of the final video.

light event photograph

2. Content

The content of your event video is something which needs to be carefully planned. This could be a list of things which are included and which aren’t. No matter what is included on the list it should be carefully thought out. For example, is your event video going to included interviews? If it is, then who will be interviewed and where will those interviews feature in the video? This process of elimination ensures that the important elements are captured whereas the less important are left out, or are made less obvious. This refined content will ensure that your video is filled with what the consumer wants to see rather than video filler. Because the viewer will be more engaged with the content they will also place a higher value on it. This also makes the video more likely to be shared on social media as the video is going to be shorter and more attractive to a larger audience. 

Something to consider in this section of the planning is the way in which you want the people at your event to be represented, for example if your event is a small conference, you are going to want shots of people looking engaged and having conversations. If you are hosting a promotional event you may want close-ups of consumers using the product to show its ease of use. internet-315132

3. Experience

Location is something which is very important in regards to the overall experience, and therefore atmosphere of your event. Large venues are likely to have a large attendance giving the atmosphere a busy feel and will focus more on the attendants, whereas a small church for example would have a smaller attendance, but may have more focus on the grand architecture. No matter what the size of your venue or party a spectacular venue is going to make your video more appealing to viewers and also may provide a talking point for your attending guests. The overall experience can also be conveyed through the entertainment which is shown, if you have an acrobatic show between conferences people are expected to be engaged and interested. It also adds a showstopping, unexpected element to the video which people that did not attend the event see. 

entertainment dancers

4. Competition

When planning an event video look for similar videos. Do these videos achieve what you want to do? What feelings do they make you feel? What do you wish you had seen that they didn’t show? These are all important questions to consider when planning your own event video as the answers to these give you a perfect starting point to make your video better than the ones which you have seen. If you like an element that you see, think of a way which you could capture that at your own event, but do so creatively. If an audience feels like your event video is too similar to one which they have seen they are likely to turn it off. To ensure that your video has the most engaging content, look at these videos viewer engagement statistics, this way you can help gauge the perfect length for your video and the best content to include. 

game plan buisness board planning

5. Format

This essentially means where will you be showcasing your video, the reason that this is important to keep in mind is because different videos will require capturing particular elements. If your videos will primarily feature on Instagram then you need to capture the most exciting, yet short elements of your event as these can only be 15 seconds long and therefore to make them engaging they must be attention grabbing. If your video is going to be shared through a different format, for example Facebook then you will want to begin your video with something spectacular and eye catching (as these videos autoplay but can be ignored if they look dull) from this your audience is likely to continue to watch the video and share it quickly. Videos for YouTube, Vimeo and Company Websites can be longer but it is recommended to stay below 3 minutes long as this is the most common viewer engagement time, after this audiences are known to lose interest. The format is an important element as this is the way in which the audience will see your video, if the video conforms to the format conventions then it has the possibility to be very successful. mobile-phone-426559_1280

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