Bold Content 5 Fantastic 360° YouTube Videos

A fully immersive viewing experience took a big step forward in March of this year when YouTube began supporting 360° video formats. Videos uploaded using 360° video enables the viewer to look in any direction that want using a control panel in the top left hand of the viewing screen.

While 360° video is still very much in the early stages, already there are clear sign of the flexibility of this technology. Below you can find a selection of some of the most interesting 360° videos on YouTube. Included is everything from fighter jet footage over the alps to a day at the amusement park to a horror video series.

Roller Coaster 360° – GIROPTIC 360cam prototype

In this video a day at the Parc Asterix(  amusement park is captured using a prototype of the Giroptic 360cam. As Giroptic notes the Giropotic used is still in prototype stage and doesn’t necessarily represent the final quality of video produced by the Giroptic 360cam. However, it’s a possible sign that this time next year the 360° video could be the new selfie stick!

Fighter Jet Patrouille Suisse 360° Experience

Experience what it’s like to sit in the cockpit of a 5-5 jet. This video features a Swiss Air Force F-5 jet flying over the Swiss Alps. Breathtaking footage captured very nicely on 360° video.

Red Bull – Wingsuit 360° Experience

It is perhaps no surprise that content marketing mavens Red Bull are one of the earliest users of this innovative filming technology.  This video features Jokke Sommer – FMX rider, former Motocross star and one of the world’s best wingsuit fliers. Wingsuit involves jumping from a high enough position that you can can glide through the air for as long as possible. Get an all encompassing view as Jokke Sommer flys over Stryn and the fjords of western Norway.

Eiger North Face – Difficult Crack

This 360° video captures an ascent up a 30 to 40 meter long “Difficult Crack” on the Eiger North Face. This video was filmed 2650m above ground level, and using the 360° viewer you can get a full sense of exactly how high up that is.

360° Horror Series (Ep.1) – “3am”

The majority of videos created so far using 360° technology have focused on capturing real life footage. Virtual reality production company DimensionGate have decided to take the technology in a different direction with scripted entertainment. Their multi-part horror series “3am” uses 3D technology to provide complete viewing control of a spooky encounter with a ghostly apparition.

As noted above this technology is still in the nascent stage. But, even these early videos demonstrate that the applications are only going to be limited to the creativity of the filmmakers. Look forward to some very interesting videos once 360° technology gets into more people hands!