Bold Content 6 Types Of Explainer Videos

Viewers who watch an explainer video are 85% more likely to buy than those who do not.

That’s according to a study conducted in 2014 by Internet Retailer.

Explainer videos are a fast, effective and entertaining way to showcase a product or service and they can be placed on your homepage, landing pages or a particular product page.

While many people realize that their sales could be improved by an explainer video. They are often less sure of exactly which type of explainer video that they should create. Below you can find six of the most popular types of explainer videos you can use.

2D Explainer Videos

This is the most popular option for explainer videos. 2D animated explainer videos are cost effective, can be produced relatively quickly and most importantly they work. 2D animated video are also a very versatile way of producing an explainer video. When using animation your imagination is really your own limitation to what can be achieved. To learn more about 2D animation you can read this in-depth case study of the Filtered explainer video.

3D Explainer Video

3D explainer videos tend to be more time consuming and expensive and so you will need to budget and plan accordingly. That said 3D animation can enhance the impact of your video. They work particularly well if you want to brand yourself as a modern or technologically savvy enterprise.

Live Action Explainer Videos

People often associate explainer videos with animation. However, live action can also work very well for explainer videos. As the name suggests live action involves filming either actors or a representative from your company. A great example of an effective live action video is this one for Notarize.

White Board Explainer Videos

In recent years Whiteboard style videos have become incredibly popular, especially in the online marketing and startup communities. The idea with a whiteboard video is to present a series of text and images as if written on a whiteboard. These are accompanied by a voice over. The use of a simple visual format along with the voice over can make the content of the video much more memorable.

Infographic Explainer Videos

Infographics give a graphical representation of information and data. If you want to present a lot of numbers and statistics then one of the best options is to use an infographic style video. This allows you to present illustrations, graphs and flowcharts in a way which is much simpler to understand.

Stop Motion Explainer Videos

Stop motion is an animation technique which is used in order to make physical objects appear to move on their own. This is done by changing the objects in tiny movements between each of the frames. When the frames are played in a continuous sequence it gives the illusion of movement. Stop motion can also be done using plasticine figures. This is known as claymation.

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