Bold Content 8 Great Examples of Corporate Videos

60% of visitors prefer to watch a video about a company vs. reading the information, according to GoAnimate. In addition, video attracts a stunning three times as many clicks compared to text.

Video has become essential to any company’s marketing strategy. Here are some great examples of corporate videos, each with a different approach that is specific to their business.

Unsung Hero

This corporate video from Thai Life Insurance is a great example of a corporate video that speaks directly to the viewer’s emotions. It associates the Thai Life Insurance brand with hope, social responsibility, and kindness. The video is short-film in style, rather than interrupting someone’s day with a standard commercial. This piece pleasant to watch and inspiring–probably why it boasts such a high view count.

Honda Civic R

This video is easily one of the most innovate corporate videos of 2014. It appeals to both audiences Honda is attempting to reach: thrill-seekers and the family driver. The interactive element was completely original at the time. The video had two separate ‘videos’ within it: one featured an everyday running-the-kids-to school, and the other featured an art heist. The viewer could switch between the two scenarios by typing ‘R’ on their keyboard.

This is unique in the sense that it puts the consumer 100% in control of what they watch. Unfortunately, the host website no longer exists for this campaign, but you can view the campaign trailer below:


This is a great example of how to use motion graphics and voiceover in your corporate video. This video reinforces the benefits of “Spotify Running” through a mix of bold on-screen text and voice over. This is combined with dynamic footage of runners using the app, set to an energetic drum beat. In just 60 seconds, you know everything you need to know about Spotify Running.

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Posted by Spinnin' Records on Thursday, October 15, 2015


Worried that the videos above are too complicated, intensive, or expensive? Rackspace has found the solution. They shot and edited this video during the course of a single day. It is a great example that your corporate video does not have to be complicated to be effective.

During the video, Rackspace shows their workspace (which includes a spiral slide), their employee benefits (such as free lunch) and the overall enthusiasm and team spirit of the company. A corporate recruiting video is a great tool to attract new, like-minded people to your company.


This corporate video is a fantastic example of how to show that your company is flying-high and innovative. It shows team spirit, opportunity, and good work ethic. As mentioned above, a video can be a powerful tool for recruiting specialists, and it creates a great corporate image for business-to-business marketing. It shows innovation, trust and enthusiasm.

You may notice that Shopify doesn’t mention anything about their services, but includes their logo at the end. When you have a powerful and memorable corporate video, this strategy can work to draw attention to your company by being ‘shareable’. Video works best when it’s optimized to achieve a single goal, rather than trying to hit multiple objectives.


Canal+ made a great corporate video for their “The more you watch Canal+, the more you love cinema” campaign. From the beginning, the video grabs the audience’s attention and retains it by having a bear rug walking and talking you through his life as a director and his love for cinema. This element of humour makes the video memorable and pleasant to watch.

University of Rochester

This video, from the University of Rochester, is an excellent example of an educational promotional video. They know their target audience and promote themselves as a creative and active university. The students tell you about the school, and show you around the campus while doing so. It has humour, it is unique, and it targets a very specific market.


This corporate video by WEG effectively communicates to their target audience that they are driven by technology and innovation. The voiceover is full of gravitas and passion and the visuals help to reinforce their message to inspire their clients and prospects.

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