Bold Content Will The Apple Watch Launch Impact Brand’s CSR Strategy?

The launch of the apple watch is another milestone in the changing ways in which we all communicate. Apple have a history of disrupting markets with new devices and I believe this will be no different. Wearable tech has been in the forefront of technologist’s minds for some time and this product launch signals the imminent popularization of this concept.

But how will it change the way we communicate?

I think it remains to be seen what sort of apps will be launched specifically for the watch, but already forward thinking organisations like Salesforce are creating enterprise level apps for their employees.
Proximity based apps are an obvious choice for highlighting the benefits of wearable tech. Imagine an app that distributes your LinkedIn profile information as you walk into a meeting room. People wearing Google Glass could learn who you are in an instant and would already feel like some barriers to communication have been broken down.
Consumers and employees who don’t have too many privacy concerns will be able to share data with brands which will enable the business to more effectively serve their needs. For example, a smart city might monitor people’s heartbeat as they wander around a city centre by their apple watch signals. The brands that they interact with could monitor the heartbeat to see if there is any physiological change as they walk into a store or see an advert. It’s really up to the brands to get to grips with the big data offered by the new communication tools and use that data to improve consumer interactions.
Current employees, consumers & stakeholders have more ways of interacting with a brand than ever before. They can control their own methods of communications, change hierarchies within the workplace, share their brand experiences and interact with brands in ever more diverse ways.
They lead and drive the communications and conversations with an increasing array of devices such as the new smart watches, Google glass, GoPro cameras, camera drones, 3D printed cameras, 3D printed phones etc. We now have the ability to reach millions of people in record time at a greater frequency than ever before.
However, as we become increasingly aware brands can’t control the conversation about them but they can give people fuel to spark conversations; be that positive or negative. This is where CSR comms come in.




What better way to influence conversation around a brand than by communicating an authentic CSR activity in an engaging manner. Give people something to talk about and you influence the trust score of your brand. As long as the CSR activity is not seen as green-washing, but it is a well thought through holistic strategy that permeates the brand, and it’s communicated in a thought provoking manner that sparks dialogue and leaves the viewer with positive emotions, then people will discuss it and the trust score of the brand will be improved.

One trend that we’re already starting to see emerging is the rise of beautiful, relevant content tailored to entertain and educate consumers about CSR initiatives. With the increasing array of devices available for people to digest this content at their convenience, this trend will only flourish as long as brands get behind their CSR initiatives and realise the power of positive conversation.


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