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How a Corporate Documentary Can Boost Your CSR Strategy

We’ve recently been talking a lot about the corporate documentary: a piece typically commissioned by the company it features, it is designed to show the true character of the business and it’s values. This can be a great video to produce for your company for a number... Read More
3D animation of a girl for a Coca Cola video produced by Bold Content


5 Excellent Animated Advertisements

Some of the most memorable advertisements in circulation are animated pieces. Corporate advertising is a booming industry: video ad viewability is on the rise , with new opportunities for advertisers thanks to Facebook’s placement optimisation . There are several... Read More
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5 Great Examples of Corporate Documentary

Having a documentary commissioned is a great way to get your brand recognised and expand your potential consumer base. There are multiple ways to go about creating your piece: you could feature employees or executives, founders or consumers. You could showcase your... Read More
Starbucks Upstanders


Starbucks Shifts Into Video With “Upstanders” Web Series

“People will feel better about the American story and be reminded that the promise of America is alive and well in your own neighborhood” Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz says about the coffee shop giant’s new socially minded web series “Upstanders”. The series features... Read More
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Will The Apple Watch Launch Impact Brand’s CSR Strategy?

The launch of the apple watch is another milestone in the changing ways in which we all communicate. Apple have a history of disrupting markets with new devices and I believe this will be no different. Wearable tech has been in the forefront of technologist’s minds... Read More