Bold Content How to Dress a Corporate Video Location

How to Dress A Corporate Video Location

Corporate videos are usually shot in professional business environments. The problem with this is that when used as a background they frequently appear extremely plain or white. As a consequence these environments can come across as disingenuous or looking flat leaving the viewer of the video unengaged. Here are three of the most important ways you can dress a corporate video to keep the audience interested in your content.


1 Add Color

In one of our most recent corporate video shoots we were filming in a location that was predominately white with elements of brown. This meant that the background that we would be filming against provided little contrast with the interviewees and made the video less eye-catching to audiences. To resolve this issue we placed strips of fabric over the furniture and in the background of the video on C-stands. The fabric then added elements of color to the video that were not originally there and brightened the room. We made this look natural in the video by making these elements out of focus, pulling the room together ensuring that it looked genuine.

man corporate image background


As you can see here there is a pale blue sheet in the background, this however is not intrusive to the scene but provides a good contrast with the interviewee.

video shoot corporate background colour

The same effect is repeated subtly in this shot with a brick wall in the background, this gives the image texture and color but does not detract attention away from the interviewee. The red wall and blue chair also provide contrast from the brick wall and brighten the scene making it more visually appealing to an audience.

Color symbolism can be a useful thing to use when dressing a corporate video and representing a brand, as some colors can make an environment seem more business-like while others can make it feel more inviting. By pairing these colors with different clients you can represent the brand and its intentions, for example a healthcare brand you could use green which represents being caring. This means you give the video a ‘feel’ by just including colors that represent ideas.

colour chart meaning representation

2 Use Props

These don’t necessarily have to be colored but are used within the scene to add texture to the background. These everyday props such as paintings and flowers liven up the environment and make it as realistic as possible. The reason that these work so well in corporate video is that they do not seem out of place to the viewer, but add a human element to the video making the client appear more down to earth and friendly.

table chair lamp flowers women brown white pink

A way that we used this is through the flowers seen in the background here. This adds a little definition to the background of the video giving it depth and also adding colour. The flowers also could give off a fresh welcoming ‘feel’ to the video.

3. Keep it Real

Autheniticty is critical when using video. Keeping the content as genuine as possible leads the audience to forming a connection with the brand. This means when making additions to the dressing of the scene make sure that they look as natural as possible, which after all is why you’re dressing the scene in the first place. If the look and ‘feel’ of the video is detached from the brand then the audience will disengage with your content, but once you get this right, your corporate video will be dressed for success.

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