Bold Content 5 Ways To Use Periscope To Promote Your Next Event

Less than a year after launching Periscope already has 2 million daily active users and each day streams over 350,000 hours of video. The number of opportunities for creative online marketing using the live-streaming app abound. One of the most promising areas is event marketing. Already innovative companies like Red Bull are taking advantage of the app and using it to create a new level of immediacy and interaction for their events.

To get you thinking about the possibilities here are some of the ways that Periscope could be used for events.

Audience Directing The Cameraperson

Because periscope captures an event in real time viewers can interact with the person filming the event and provide feedback. Imagine that the viewer catches out of the corner of their eye an acrobatic show. It’s something that they would love to see more of but the camera person has chosen to focus on something else. The audience could request that the camera-person changes directions back to the show. 
Event Video Production

Interactive Product Demonstrations

One of the key benefits of trade shows is the ability for vendors to provide in person product demonstrations to attendees. Attendees can ask questions and have them answered immediately. But it’s estimated that 45% of attendees will only visit one exhibition a year. That provides a very limited window for in-person product demonstration. Periscope can enable that same type of experience without someone having to attend in person. Products can be demonstrated at vendors stalls while being filmed using the app. If viewers at home want a certain aspect of the product demonstrated in more detail they can send through their comments. This level of interactivity can help to produce a greater understanding of the products unique features and benefits.

Asking Speakers Questions

Conference events will frequently include a portion for Q&A’s from the audience. Periscope provides a way to have speaker events filmed and then have questions from the at home audience answered in real time. This is something that Twitter is already doing with it’s bi-weekly developer relations talks.

Conduct Surveys About The Event

Event organizers will often survey attendees about the event. Periscope allows you to take this to another level by conducting these surveys in real time. A use case might include gaining immediate feedback on the information delivered by a key note speaker or what the highlight of the event has been that day.  

Vox Pop Interviews

Vox pop interviews are a common feature when filming events. Periscope allows you to interview attendees at the conference but have the questions come from the audience at home. This let’s people who may be thinking of attending the event next year to ask questions to help them make a decision.

Finally, because Periscope is delivered through Twitter it is very easy for people to share feeds with their own followers. When promoted correctly this can lead to a greater degree of exposure than might be achieved with a traditional event video.

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