Bold Content 3 Ways To Increase Sales Using Video This Christmas

This Christmas is set to be a bumper year for spending. According to Experian consumers in the UK broke the £1 billion pound spending barrier on Black Friday, an increase of 36% over the previous year. The credit agency predicts just as favourable spending patterns for Christmas Day and Boxing Day with increases over the previous year of 11% and 22% respectively.

While consumers may be opening their wallets this holiday season there is plenty of competition for those pounds. Below we’ll list three types of video that can be used to improve sales conversions and ensure holiday shoppers boost your bank accounts this Christmas.

Product Demonstration Videos

People are more likely to purchase a product if they are familiar with how it works and the results that it can deliver. A video demonstration is the ideal medium to showcase your product and it’s specific features.

Video can provide a step-by-step visual presentation of how the product works. Product demos can be shot at a studio or in store using either a professional presenter or a company employee. Product walkthroughs can also be used for software products by using screen capture software to show the viewer in detail how to use the product. The more technical a product is the more important that having a product demonstration video becomes.

You can read more about how these videos work, along with specific case studies, in this guide to product walkthrough videos.Christmas video snowman

Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos involve people unwrapping products and showing them off to the viewers at home. These videos are immensely popular. According to a study by Zefr unboxing videos on YouTube have been viewed more than 10.3 billion times. The holiday’s are peak season for these types for with 1.5 more searches for unboxing videos during this period.

Unboxing video give viewers the same sense of anticipation and reward that comes from unwrapping a present on Christmas day. It also provides potential buyers with a detailed overview of both the appearance and features of a product from an unbiased third party. A favourable unboxing video from a high profile influencer can have a significant impact on sales for that product. Brands looking to leverage unboxing videos should research which influencers they need to get their product into the hands of.

Read this guide to Unboxing Videos to learn more about how to use them to market your products.

Special Event VideosChristmas Event Videos

Customers buy from companies that they know, like and trust. Showing the human face of your business is one of the best ways to build that familiarity and connection. Most companies hold special events during the holiday season. From the company Christmas party, to award ceremonies, to team building, these events are a great way to build team spirit and brand awareness. By capturing the events on video you can share this content with an audience beyond those that are able to attend.This is ideal for national or global organisations who want to share their Christmas events with other employees of that organisation.

A word of caution – you need to be careful when capturing your Christmas party to ensure that  your business and employees are presented in the best possible light. Read this article on filming Christmas parties to avoid potential problems and ensure your video is success.

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