Bold Content Letting Love Happen – Chitra’s Story



Chitra was raised in Trinidad inChitra portrait Love Lived the Hindu faith. As a custom of her culture, once she was of a marriageable age, her family would find a suitable husband for her. Knowing this, for most of her youth, Chitra took no interest in love. However, once she had become of age, she could not bring herself to take a liking to any of the suitors her family had found in their search. Eventually, one suitor seemed as though he could have been a good match. But upon learning that their marriage would have prevented her from pursuing her education and career goals while he pursued his, she refused to see any more suitors and moved to London on her own.

After finishing her schooling and starting her career, Chitra met the man who would become her husband on a train into London. She and Ron tried many times to get together after their initial meeting. However, each time there would be some sort of miscommunication, and they would end up missing each other. Right when Chitra was about to give up hope on their relationship, Ron showed up unexpectedly at the school where she was teaching. This long overdue meeting marked the beginning of their life together.

Three months into their relationship, Chitra and Ron were married.Chitra Love Lived Contact the Elderly The couple had two wedding ceremonies on separate dates, a proper Hindu ceremony and a civil one at the town hall, giving the couple two anniversaries they had to remember. They shared 15 years together before Ron passed away at the age of 58, when Chitra was only 45. After losing Ron, Chitra says that she was very angry with God given that she had waited a long time for love, only to have it leave her so soon. With time, Chitra has found peace and remembers Ron and their time together as one full of laughter and love.