Trafalgar Talks Interview by Bold Content


How To Setup A Video Interview

When producing an interview video it is important that the content of the video is relevant and interesting, when a client hires a production company they should ask for a director to be provided to make sure that the content is consistent and engaging. Interview... Read More
Love Lived Contact the Elderly Chitra


Letting Love Happen – Chitra’s Story

    Chitra was raised in Trinidad in the Hindu faith. As a custom of her culture, once she was of a marriageable age, her family would find a suitable husband for her. Knowing this, for most of her youth, Chitra took no interest in love. However, once she had become... Read More
Rosemary Love Lived Contact the Elderly


Learning to Love Again – Rosemary’s Story

About LoveLived  Watch the video above or read the description below to discover Rosemary’s story and how she learnt to love again after initial disappointment. Rosemary’s Story At the age of 21, Rosemary met her first love, a spitfire pilot named Tom. The... Read More
Mailis Loved Lived Contact the Elderly


Taking A Second Chance On Love – Mailis’ Story

About LoveLived LoveLived is a series of videos telling the stories of a group of elderly London residents experiences with romantic love. The project was produced in collaboration with photographer Holly Wren and the charity Contact the Elderly. The videos and... Read More
Kathleen Love Lived Contact the Elderly


Finding the One – Kathleen’s Story

    Kathleen’s Story Describing herself as quite the dresser when she was younger, Kathleen had many suitors and enjoyed dating. There was one point in her youth when she was even seeing two boys at once. However, none of her suitors really interested her until... Read More
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