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Choosing the Right Soundtrack to Enhance your Video

Making a promo video can be tricky, but one of the most challenging (and often the most fun!) part of post-production is selecting the right track to accompany your visuals. Feel free to play around with different kinds of songs behind your video—this can get really... Read More
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An Interview with Director Ruth Sewell

Here at Bold Content, we invest in a group of talented Directors who each have a unique voice and personal style. Each one is a specialist in their own right, and as a group, we are proud that they exemplify a broad and varied range of new talent from diverse... Read More
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Make Your Promo Video Stand Out!

No matter what industry you have a business in, chances are, you’re going to need to advertise. An excellent way of getting your company and what you offer into the world is to make a promotional video. When setting out to make a promo video for your business, how do... Read More
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How to Write a Brief for a Corporate Documentary

So, you’ve decided to make a corporate documentary. You’re planning to commission this project out to a film company, but you want to make sure they create something that is truly your vision for your company. How do you convey your ideas and expectations? This... Read More
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How to Research a Corporate History Video

The corporate documentary is a growing form of advertising and marketing for businesses in the digital age. A sub-genre of this concept is the corporate history video. Specifically, this type of documentary explores the foundation of your company: how it was started,... Read More