Contact the Elderly Harry Love Lived


An Everlasting Love – Harry’s Story

  When Harry first saw Kath while at a pub in London, he immediately fell for her and her irresistible eyes and promptly asked her the following Saturday if she would like to accompany him to the pictures. However, Kath’s grandmother was very strict and had... Read More
Olympic Moves Coca-Cola Healthy Living


Coca-Cola Active Healthy Living CSR Videos [CASE STUDY]

We have a long term relationship with Coca-Cola promoting their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives. This has provided us with the opportunity to film across the globe, including Asia, Africa and the America’s. This has seen us document everything from... Read More
Iris Contact the Elderly Love Lived


Taking Time For Love and Yourself – Iris’ Story

  At the age of 16, Iris fell for a sailor. She would write to him while he was away in the Navy, and she made sure to see him whenever he came home – that is until she found out he was engaged. Having to start over again, Iris went to a dance in Teddington with... Read More
Contact the Elderly Jim Love Lived


Cherishing the Memories of A Lost Love – Jim’s Story

  Jim had never fallen in love until 1945 when he met Maria, the woman who would become his wife. While in Italy during the Second World War, Jim was part of a unit that refurbished tanks, and one day, Maria was brought in to be his office hand. Although the two faced... Read More
Ernie Love Lived Contact the Elderly


A Rich Love – Ernie’s Story

   Ernie’s grandmother was the first person to teach him about love through her selflessness. During the war, she would always give her food rations to her family members before helping herself. He remembers her as a beautiful and kind woman that exuded love and... Read More
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