Bold Content How to Livestream to Facebook from the SONY FS7

How to stream to Facebook live from SONY FS7

Equipment needed:

  • FS7
  • PC running at least Windows 7
  • PC needs a fast processor (i5 or above at 2.2gHz+ – recommended)
  • A good internet connection (5 Mbps upload minimum)
  • Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket (Other brands do the same job)
  • OBS Studio (Free)
  • Hauppauge Capture (Free)


1)Firstly, you need to install OBS and Hauppauge Capture. Whilst installing Hauppauge Capture it’ll ask you to plug the device in, put the USB that says ‘computer’ in and leave the other one unplugged.

1b) Wait for the software to install and then launch Hauppauge Capture, this will then allow us to move onto the next step.

2) Now we go back to the camera and the HD PVR Rocket (whilst keeping Hauppauge Capture and OBS open).hauppage-hd-pvr-rocket-back

3) Plug the HDMI cable into the back of the camera and then the other end of the HDMI cable into the (HDMI IN) port on the HD PVR Rocket. Make sure the camera is powered on and then head back over to your computer.


4) Open up Hauppauge Capture and check to see if you’re getting a feed from the camera. If not then try turning the camera off and on again. Once you’ve confirmed you’ve got a feed from the camera into Hauppauge Capture, head over to OBS. We need to set up the ‘scenes’, the main one we need to use is the Window Capture, within that menu choose Hauppauge Capture. You’ll then see a rescale-able window. Resize the window so that you can only see the camera feed window.


4b)Now whenever you open up OBS and Hauppauge Capture this will already be set up.

Next step is to set up the Facebook live stream.

5)Go to your Facebook page, click publisher tools and on the left hand side there is a videos tab, hit that. Now in the top right corner you’ll see a +Live button, click that. You’ll then be presented with a stream key, copy that.

6)Back to OBS, click settings, go to Stream, choose Facebook Live and enter the stream key in the box. Click apply and then ok and then close the settings window. Press start streaming and then go back to Facebook, and click go live. That’s it. Your camera feed is now being live streamed to Facebook. This isn’t specific to the FS7; any camera that allows HDMI monitoring will work in the same way.

Good luck! Happy Streaming.