Bold Content Broadgate Art: Behind The Scenes Art Videography

We were asked by London estate Broadgate to capture “The Broadgate Art Trail” on video. The art trail features an eclectic range of art from highly acclaimed British and international artists. The forty five minute art trail placed throughout the Broadgate estate is a diverse including sculpture, tapestries and paintings.

Filming Broadgate Art Trail

The goal of this video series was to showcase the art pieces and architecture in Broadgate Circle in a cinematic and dynamic way. As the art pieces are static to make the videos engaging we implemented a variety of camera angles, movements and creative video editing.

By using a mix of match cuts and fast cuts the video showcases all of the art pieces by focusing on each piece briefly. We used a combination of close-ups and wide shots on each piece to capture the arts features and how each piece integrates with its surrounding.

Broadgate Art from Bold Content on Vimeo.

We also used the video as a platform for the viewer to see the art as a natural attribute in it’s corporate environment. We did this by using sound design, mixing nature sounds and corporate office sounds, such as typing on a keyboard, water flowing and stones colliding etc. The music track also helped to emphasise the organic nature of the art by implementing echo voice sounds which suited Broadgate very well due to it’s spacious architecture.

Leaping Hare on Crescent and Bell

Barry Flanagan is one of the UK’s best known modern sculptors. “Leaping Hare on Crescent and Bell” continues a recurrent theme in Flanagan’s work of a hare with human like traits. The sculpture features a hare leaping through the air over a crescent moon and the dome of a bell. Flanagan came from a family of acrobats, and this work captures that same sense of energy and weightlessness. This dramatic work is well suited to it’s location in the performance area of the Broadgate Circle.

Broadgate Art: Leaping Hare On Crescent and Bell from Bold Content on Vimeo.