Bold Content 6 Highly Persuasive Product Videos

Video is arguably the most persuasive medium for presenting your product. A good product video quickly captures the viewer’s attention then presents the product in the best possible light.

The ability to combine compelling visual imagery with onscreen text and voice over, allows you to quickly highlight the product’s features and benefit. By explaining what makes your product exceptional, your target customer is much more likely to buy.

Below are six highly persuasive product videos to get you inspired about the possibilities available with video.

Gtech eBike

The Gtech bike product video excels by embodying the same quality as the bike itself. It’s cleanly shot and feels simple yet under closer expectation there is a lot going on. Each shot is chosen carefully to show off and reinforce the core message of the advert, coupled with the upbeat sound design and well-chosen voiceover artist it makes for an exception advert for an exceptional product.

E TWOW Scooter

This advert keeps the focus very much on the product, it shows an owner using it but the person is not the focus, as the person could be anyone. The character they choose helps with relatability but making sure it is a middle age trendy business person, not just a young student who might be the traditional market for scooters. Also, it shows how the product overcomes the hurdles of a daily commute, thus showing off its key features. The shooting style with a gimbal helps reinforce the ability to be moving fast and efficiently with this scooter and helps add some production value to the piece.

Iphone 7

This advert uses black and white colour palette coupled with striking imagery such as a Roger Deakins-eque tree shot as well as dreamy spiral and liquid shots. The imagery is often an interesting way of hinting at its features, owl symbolizing the high-end visuals/lens capabilities, the boxer symbolizing the hardiness of the product as well as the sumptuous rain shots showing its water resistance capabilities. The overall low key lighting style of the piece sells the product as a bold stylish piece of tech, they don’t need to show the features, they sell you on its sleekness.

Amazon Echo

This advert is simple in its execution, this matches with the product in that it helps you, but is not over-egged. The device only works if it integrates seamlessly so having it in a ‘normal’ house setting helps show the sort of things people would use it for. It manages to cram in a lot of uses into a 90-second advert which helps tick a lot of boxes of potential customers.
The production value is small, and can only assume this was on purpose that Amazon did not want anything too stylized or over the top so as to not make the product seem too futuristic, helping reinforce it’s a big step rather than a giant leap, the latter often puts off certain customers.

Microsoft Surface Studio

Like the product, this advert is very stylish. It takes you on a journey seeing the machinery come together to create this bit of tech, hinting at all the intricacies that make it up so you feel like you really are getting groundbreaking tech. Then it shows how people can use some of the more innovative features. The filming style is slow but intended, every shot has a reason. The robotic camera movement coupled with the emotive music helps give it a very cinematic feel.

Iphone Airpod stroll

The crux of this advert is showing that this product is used by a cool guy, doing a cool dance whilst not adhering to the world’s rules like normal people would with (reading between the lines) normal headphones. The dancing has nothing to do with the product really, but by it only happening when he puts the Airpods in, make us associate the product with this ‘coolness’. Also by taking it up a notch and defying gravity it both makes the advert have more production value and wow factor, but also subtly says that the Airpods won’t fall out of your ears even if you dance off a building at right angles, thus addressing the major worry and criticism of the product when it was announced.