Bold Content 7 Things to Look for in a London-Based Production Company

At some point (and hopefully sooner rather than later!), if you own a business, you’re going to want a corporate video of some kind. Whether it’s a brand video, a talking head, a product advertisement, or an event trailer, you will want your video to be professionally made and to stand out from the crowd. But how will you choose from all the video production companies based around London? Here are several things you should think about when preparing to commission a job.

Look for Specialties

There can be a lot of options to sort out through, so consider looking for companies that specialise in the type of video you are looking to have made. This will help narrow your choices and make the hunt less daunting.

A Demo Reel is Important, But it isn’t Everything

A show reel is a great way to get acquainted with the style of a production company, but it won’t show you the completed project. Take a look at their full videos. You want to make sure the production company does more than just take pretty shots; they need to be an effective tool for communicating the message the company wants to send.

Fresh Ideas

While looking through their finished projects, keep an eye on the variety of videos they produce. Is each video unique, or is it the same template with varied images? This will help ensure that your video will stand out. Additionally, are they open to new ideas? You don’t want a company that will quash your vision for your project—after all, it features your business.


Make sure to check the client testimonials. Were they happy to work with this company? These can typically be found on the production company’s portfolio page on their website. Did the clients have more to say than just, ‘the video turned out great’?

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Find out what the typical turnover time is for projects. If you need a project right away, hiring a company that takes 6 months to put out a video is not going to the be the right choice. In the reviews, take a look at their organisation. Did they get things done on-time, ect.

Do they Care about your Business?

Take some time to get to get to know the production company. Are they truly interested in what your company has to offer? Have they taken the time to learn about your business in turn? Are they going to be as passionate about your video campaign as you are?

Is there a Cultural Fit?

london-based video production companyThis concept doesn’t just apply to new employees. You want to make sure the production company you are hiring to represent your company is going to do so the right way. For example, you wouldn’t want a company known for their serious videos to make an advertisement for a children’s toy. Make sure they understand what you are trying say.

Overall, there are lots of things to think about when looking at video production companies, especially around London, where arguably the best of the best reside.