Bold Content CALM Production Diary #4: Our Royal Shoot


Yesterday, we premiered one of our most exciting videos we have ever produced. It was our second video for the #BestManProject, in collaboration with the charity CALM. The #BestManProject is geared towards a great cause–encouraging men to be a ‘best man’ to their friends. Not just at weddings, but every day, to promote mental health.

We were very privileged to have Royal participation in this video. Featuring Prince William and celebrities such as Rio Ferdinand, Loyle Carner, Roman Kemp, and Carl Anka, this video was inspiring to film.

You can watch the full-length version here:



We designed the videos to be a combination of social experiment and interview. Our in-house director, James Gough, has a steady composure that enabled him to elicit the desired responses from our participants. 

We and CALM wanted to explore the awkward, masculine tension that comes about when men try to discuss ‘feelings’. Our goal was to show that there is no shame in offering support to your friend, regardless of your gender.

James’ strategy was to promote a casual conversation with the interviewees, and at the opportune moment, pop the big question: ‘What does your best mate really mean to you?’ We were able to capture excellent reactions and responses from the participants. 

Our round-table discussion (the above video) was directed by James and hosted by Roman Kemp.

We are incredibly pleased with how the shoot went, and the powerful material we created with the footage. Our aim with CALM was to demonstrate how detrimental it can be for men to keep emotions bottled up. While a little uncomfortable, it isn’t difficult to speak with your best mate about how you feel. Most importantly, it can make a lifesaving difference.

We are grateful to The Drum, who connected us with CALM through their 2017 Do-It Day.

Our first video for the #BestManProject can be seen here:


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If you are in need of someone to talk to, you can call the CALM Helpline from 5 pm – midnight:

0800 58 58 58

0808 802 58 58