Bold Content The Magic of Movies in the Heart of Alder Hey

A Tale of Movie Magic: Bold Content Video Supports MediCinema at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital


Muppet Christmas Carol, Home Alone, Holiday Affair, Love Actually, The Holiday and… Robocop are some of the films our team love to watch at Christmas. And this festive season, we’ve been able to help spread the joy of cinema to the young patients at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.


The team contributed towards establishing a state-of-the-art MediCinema within the hospital, aiming to bring smiles and a touch of Hollywood glamour to the children’s lives.


The Magic of Movies in the Heart of Alder Hey

Christmas is synonymous with cozy movie nights, a luxury often out of reach for long-term patients at Alder Hey due to their complex health conditions. However, the new MediCinema, scheduled to open its doors in 2024, promises to change this. It will be a sanctuary where children can enjoy the latest blockbusters, alongside their siblings and friends, within the safe confines of the hospital. The cinema, uniquely designed to accommodate wheelchairs, beds, and medical equipment, will be adorned with vibrant, rainbow-coloured theatre seats and a magical, movie-themed entrance, ensuring an immersive red-carpet experience for all.


A Collaboration of Care and Entertainment

This project is a collaborative effort between Alder Hey Children’s Charity, MediCinema, and donors. It will be the only cinema in a UK paediatric hospital and the first in the North West. Specialist trained volunteers, along with Alder Hey Nurses, will provide care and companionship during screenings, helping the children to enjoy the latest films while still receiving essential medical attention. This initiative is not just about entertainment; it’s about connecting these young patients to the outside world, offering a ray of hope and normalcy during challenging times.


The Healing Power of Film

MediCinema has a proven track record of enhancing patient wellbeing through film in five major NHS Trusts and Health Boards across the UK. Their 24-year history showcases the significant impact of cinema on the emotional, psychological, and physical health of patients. It helps in reducing feelings of isolation, stress, and anxiety, thereby supporting recovery and resilience. The statistics speak volumes: 86% of MediCinema attendees report improved mental health, 94% feel less isolated, and 93% experience reduced stress and anxiety.


Supporting the Cause

The construction of the MediCinema is being funded through grants and donations. Bold Content Video was pleased to play a small role with a donation and some in-kind video support. Upon completion, Alder Hey patients and their families will enjoy free access to film screenings. The public is encouraged to contribute to the first year’s running costs by donating the equivalent cost of a cinema ticket to Alder Hey Children’s Charity.


Echoes of Excitement and Anticipation

Fiona Ashcroft, Chief Executive at Alder Hey Children’s Charity, expressed excitement for the project, highlighting how it adds a sprinkle of movie magic to the children’s hospital experience. Similarly, Colin Lawrence, CEO of MediCinema, shares his pride in bringing the benefits of big-screen entertainment to NHS patients, particularly to the thousands of children and families at Alder Hey.


As we approach the grand opening of the MediCinema at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, we are reminded of the power of community, kindness, and the timeless magic of cinema in bringing joy and healing to those in need. Thanks to donor’s contributions and the collaborative efforts of many, this initiative promises to be a heartwarming tale of healing, hope, and movie magic, with the young patients and their families as the stars of the show.


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