Bold Content Vidir customer testimonial video case study

Elevating Vidir’s Vertical Storage Solutions with Bold Content’s Expertise


Vidir, a prominent U.S.-based expert in vertical storage solutions, sought to collaborate with us to craft a compelling customer testimonial video, set within the intricate environment of a hospital. Recognizing our proficiency in executing video production projects for U.S. clients, Vidir entrusted us with the task, appreciating our flexibility in bridging the time zone gap for seamless communication.

The challenge presented was a rapid turnaround video that not only showcased Vidir’s innovative product in action but also featured authentic testimonials from various hospital staff members. Each testimonial highlighted the ways in which the product seamlessly integrated into the hospital’s operations. The end goal was clear: to create a powerful sales tool that would resonate with Vidir’s audience.


The resulting video not only met but exceeded expectations, positioning itself as a key asset in Vidir’s marketing arsenal. The Vidir Marketing Specialist expressed their satisfaction, stating, “The final video is fantastic, and I loved working with you. We are very happy with Bold’s work from the first contact right up until final delivery. I appreciate you accommodating all our requests and delays in getting started. We will definitely be back the next time we need a video filmed.”

Filming within a hospital environment brought its own set of intricacies, demanding a nuanced approach. Respect for patient privacy, effective noise control, and seamless collaboration with hospital staff were paramount. Our experience gave us a solid foundation to navigate these challenges, capturing compelling footage while maintaining utmost sensitivity to the surroundings.

The effectiveness of testimonials in the sales cycle cannot be overstated. They serve as authentic narratives, providing potential clients with valuable insights into the real-world impact and performance of a product. In Vidir’s case, these testimonials are designed to build trust and credibility, influencing purchasing decisions by reinforcing the tangible value of their innovative storage solutions.

We’re thrilled that our client was pleased with our service and delighted that they shared the following comments: 

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