Bold Content Case Study: Premium Fireside Chat

Case Study: How Bold Content Video worked alongside AlTi Tiedemann Global’s Brand Team to create a Premium Fireside Chat

Marketing managers are continuously seeking innovative ways to captivate their audience and in the realm of corporate communication, the power of video content cannot be overstated. One often overlooked yet powerful tool is the use of premium video content. A particularly effective format for this is the Fireside Chat. A Fireside Chat video is about more than just a casual conversation; it’s an opportunity to present your brand’s values, insights, thought leadership and personality in a relaxed yet sophisticated setting. When filmed in a premium manner, it reflects a brand’s commitment to quality and attention to detail.

In this case study we wanted to dive into our successful collaboration with AlTi Tiedemann Global, a global financial firm, to create an engaging, premium Fireside Chat video for LinkedIn audiences. This project exemplifies the transformative impact of meticulous planning, location selection, and sophisticated lighting in producing high-calibre video content.

Project Overview

The objective was clear: AlTi Tiedemann Global sought to craft a Fireside Chat that not only conveyed their expertise but also mirrored their brand’s prestige. The target platform was LinkedIn, a professional network where content quality can significantly influence viewer perception and engagement. Bold Content Video was entrusted with this task, given our reputation for producing visually striking and compelling interview videos.

Strategic Insight

The journey began with a strategy session where Bold Content’s creative team asked searching questions to thoroughly understand the brand’s values, vision and requirements for the project. In order to understand how the content would be deemed a success we needed to know who the intended audience was and what the AlTi brand team intended for them to think, feel and do after having watched the fireside chat.

Finding the Perfect Location

The location was more than a backdrop; it was a critical component in reflecting AlTi Tiedemann Global’s brand identity, and it set the scene and tone for the entire conversation.  After scouting multiple options, the team settled on a space within the client’s office that we could dress with appropriate props to create the sophisticated setting required to reflect the content being discussed. The chosen location resonated with the firm’s values, providing an ambiance of exclusivity and professionalism. We started early in the morning in order to give us enough time to dress the set. This included carefully moving artwork into the background and selecting just the right props to feature in the foreground and background of each camera angle.  
The space was adorned with elegant furnishings and subtle décor that complemented the firm’s brand colours. This attention to detail in the location choice laid the foundation for a Fireside Chat that was both visually appealing and brand-aligned.

Mastering the Lighting

We knew that lighting was a cornerstone in transforming the Fireside Chat into a premium experience as it plays a crucial role in creating the right atmosphere. The team, led by our talented Director of Photography, dedicated significant time to devise and implement a complex lighting setup. The aim was to create a warm, inviting atmosphere akin to a traditional fireside gathering, while ensuring the speakers were illuminated flawlessly.

Soft, diffused lights were strategically placed to compliment the natural light coming in from the large sash windows, fostering a sense of intimacy and focus. Our process involved adding multiple lights per person, then removing them as necessary to create just the right setup to pick the subjects out from the background. This meticulous lighting not only enhanced the visual appeal of the chat but also played a vital role in capturing the nuances of the conversation and the speakers’ expressions.

The Final Product

The final video was a testament to the power of premium content. The combination of an impeccable location and sophisticated lighting resulted in a Fireside Chat that stood out on LinkedIn. It wasn’t just the content of the discussion that captivated the audience, but also how it was presented.

The video resonated with AlTi Tiedemann Global’s target audience, garnering significant engagement and positive feedback. Viewers appreciated the quality of the production and the insightful conversation, leading to increased brand visibility and perceived value.


This case study underscores the impact of well-executed video content in corporate communication. Bold Content Video’s expertise in location scouting and lighting design played a pivotal role in elevating AlTi Tiedemann Global’s Fireside Chat from a simple conversation to a premium brand experience. It highlights the importance of every detail in video production, especially when the goal is to create content that reflects a brand’s prestige and engages a discerning audience on platforms like LinkedIn.

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Author Bio

Hayley Van Gend is the in-house video strategist here at Bold Content Video. She specialises in planning video strategies, video marketing across our channels as well as actively participating in shoots.