Cinematic Interviews

Bold Content Video are experts at creating cinematic interviews that make your interviewees feel at ease.

We pride ourselves on our ability to produce high quality cinematic interviews that deliver your message in a way that grabs viewer attention.

Scale up your interview videos with Bold Content

A cinematic interview entails hiring more lighting, using better quality lenses, colour grading and additional camera angles than a standard interview video.

By adding higher production values, your video will be elevated beyond a simple interview. A cinematic interview will communicate your message beautifully, staying with viewers long after it has finished playing.

Cinematic interviews are perfect for educational and eLearning content

By adding a cinematic flair we can elevate an interview video and create an eye catching and attention grabbing piece of content. 65% of people are visual learners so giving them something more interesting than a standard talking head interview allows them to take onboard the information in a method that suits them best. We often add animation to an interview which is a cost-effective way to add visual flair, without having to capture B-roll or use expensive stock footage.

  • Cinematic interviews are more akin to the style of filming you see on high-end Netflix documentaries.
  • They create an aspirational quality
  • The message has more gravitas
  • They grab the attention of the audience
  • Locations can be used to underline the fact that the interviewee is a subject expert
  • They add production value to the courses
  • Brand association with high quality visual material
  • Content has a longer shelf life as they are less likely to look dated years down the line.

Our clients

Bold Content Video have experience at creating animated videos for a wide range of clients and across a diverse range of industries. We have had the privilege of working with leading organizations such as the City of London and innovative businesses such as Filtered, and Flavorbox.

“Bold Content created a client testimonial film for Frontera Consulting about a successful implementation with our client. They helped us shape the questions to ask, which led to an insightful interview with our client, and they captured creative shots to shape a testimonial that was both interesting to watch and acted as a powerful sales tool”.

Frontera Consulting, Marketing & Sales Operations

Cinematic Interviews are Perfect Evergreen Content

Our team of film specialists can help you to produce impactful evergreen video content that lasts the test of time.

With our background in documentary filmmaking, we are experts in creating stunning interview setups with excellent lighting. In turn helping to strengthen your position as an industry leader.


Financial Edge Training

We created this video for Financial Edge Training, which is a good example of how a cinematic interview can elevate a training video beyond a standard corporate talking head.  We used our in-house cameras and lighting to create a cinematic look and colour graded the footage to give it an extra high quality finish.

Behind the Scenes of our Financial Edge Training Cinematic Interview Shoot:

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