Amy Schumer

Charity Video


Amy Schumer is an American stand-up comedian known for her film and television work.

The Brief

We were asked to create an engaging interview-led film to highlight the work that Stylefund do. The film was all captured in one day during which Amy and Leesa were on hand to show women how powerful and confident they could feel if given the right tools.

STYLEFUND is a fashion initiative aimed at the promotion and cultivation of personal well-being. Comedian Amy Schumer and Hollywood Costume Designer Leesa Evans are founding members of The Collective.

We decided to use a documentary style for the promotional video as it was appropriate to capture the action on the Stylefund launch day. A two person crew lit and setup the interview then captured event footage throughout the launch day. The cutaways were designed to show the progression of the day and the transformation of the participants, not just in a physical sense but in an emotional context as well.

We knew that the film would feature numerous moments where it would be appropriate to use the ‘talking head’ interview shot, especially during emotional moments when Amy Schumer cried whilst recalling the moment Leesa first made her feel special with a great new outfit, so we decided to spend time lighting and setting up numerous cameras to capture the moment in both close up and wide shots. We felt that a moving camera would help keep viewers engaged due to the evolving viewpoint that gives the interview a sense of momentum. We used cutaways of the event taking place at appropriate times and included before and after shots to show the transformation of the event participants.

The film is being used on Stylefund social media channels including shorter versions which we crafted in the edit suite. They are also featuring it on the Stylefund website as a means to explaining the concept and showing the power of the initiative to transform women’s lives.

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