The video series was part of Yahoo! premium original programming distributed exclusively through their website.

The Brief

Bold Content was approached by Yahoo! to develop a short-form reality show featuring Cat Deeley, the host of Fox’s hit TV show So You Think You Can Dance.

Cat Deeley “In The Dressing Room”

The video series In The Dressing Room With Cat Deeley featured a mixture a celebrity interviews, lifestyle and fashion tips.

In The Dressing Room was filmed with a very frenetic editing style in mind. We knew that we wanted to keep the sound bites short and the pace of the editing fast as it was designed as an attention grabbing piece to connect with time scarce online viewers.

We set up and shot fast whilst also ensuring a high-end result. Lighting the interviews had to be done quickly and efficiently in order to leave us enough time to capture cutaways that were relevant to the edit.


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