The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is an award-winning charity dedicated to preventing male suicide.

This campaign has won Best Video Series for the International Content Marketing Awards and has been nominated for The Drum’s Social Purpose Awards and the Charity Film Awards.

The brief

The project stemmed from Bold Content’s participation in The Drum’s Do-It Day. Our Branded Content Manager director Alessandro Iacoponi, along with Ben Hawley and Paul Shiels from CALM, developed the concept that men do not need to wait until a wedding to act like a best man. We were tasked with creating a video to support this initiative.

#BestManProject Campaign

The theme of the campaign is that men don’t need to wait for key life moments to be supportive and caring to their friends. Our first film in the campaign features three sets of regular pals.

Bold and CALM wanted to explore the awkward masculine tension that comes out of this self-awareness. We asked: Are you comfortable, as a male, telling your best mate how you feel towards them? The videos will reinforce that there is no shame in offering a helping hand, and it can, in fact, be very healthy.

Bold’s interview style is what makes this video truly unique. Designed to highlight the witty banter that men are familiar with, James times his questions to keep the interviewees on their toes. Though he never made anyone uncomfortable, the style was designed to ‘make the men squirm’ when it came to talking about their emotions.

In our second piece, we were joined by his Royal Highness, the Duke of Cambridge, who came along to support the project. Prince William participated in a round table discussion with celebrities including Rio Ferdinand, Loyle Carner, and Roman Kemp.

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