Engage Invest Exploit

Informatrics Ventures mission is to support globally ambitious companies based in Scotland. To this end, they host the EIE (Engage Invest Exploit) showcase events which introduce technology investors with some of the hottest startup companies in the life sciences, IT and energy sectors.

The Brief

We are were asked by EIE to capture their latest event at glamorous Canada House in the heart of London. The purpose was to promote future EIE conferences to potential attendees. It was important to show prospective attendees, both investors and entrepreneurs, the benefits of attending the London-based event.

Technology Investment Conference

The video was filmed using a 4K camera, supported by two smaller cameras. In addition we used a camera stabilization system which enabled us to get a lot of movement into the shots.

This is important for event videos because typically using a static camera you can get a lot of repetitive shots. In contrast using a moving camera really enables you to get among the crowd and capture the looks on people’s face.

Shots of people smiling, laughing and exchanging business cards, add real interest to the video and allow the prospective attendee a feel for what it is actually like to come to the event.

Another interesting element to this video was our use of time-lapse shots. Using time-lapse we were able to show the event as it progressed over the course of the day.

We used a newer technique called hyperlapse to start the event video. This enabled us to show the audience that the event took place in Trafalgar Square, the very heart of London. These hyper-lapse shots were also enabled us to highlight the prestigious location of Canada House.

We added in speed ramp technique, which is where you mix slow and sped up motion footage together. The video will be featured on EIE on their website and social media channels. In addition, to the main event video we have also created shorter, cut down versions which are suited to social media.



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