Mitsubishi Corporation is Japan’s Largest Trading Company. Mitsubishi Corporation employs over 60,000 people and has seven business segments, including finance, banking, energy, machinery, chemicals and food.

The Brief

The lovely people at Mitsubishi corporation asked us to join them for a day out on Temple Island at Henley Royal Regatta. They were holding a corporate event to say ‘thank you’ to various clients and staff members and they asked us to create a video to document the day.

Event Video

We film the Henley Royal Regatta event every year for Mitsubishi. We immensely enjoy the sights, colours, variety, and of course, the subjects we get to film on this day.

Our goal was to highlight everything that makes this day special for Mitsubishi. We captured every event of the day, including a river cruise, croquet, dancing lessons, a magic show, and of course, the rowing.

We utilised a multitude of different techniques throughout the day and in post-production.

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