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In the fifth instalment of ‘Katie and Tex’, we explain the use of drones in various industry sectors which will help our day-to-day lives. Using a holographic image of our role model from sponsor organisation, PwC UK, the characters look at what drones are and explore how they can be used in agriculture, construction, as well as replacing polluting vehicles to deliver goods – even delivering ice cream!
Whilst writing the script, we are always mindful of our target audience and ensuring that the subject is broken down into terms which make sense. It was particularly important in this episode to link the uses of drones to ideas and things which are familiar to youngsters, to help give the use of drones some context.
Visually integrating a real life role model from the sponsor is always a fun and creative challenge when approaching the creative development of the episode. This time, we loved the idea of projecting the role model from a drone so seized the opportunity to film our sponsor representative against a green screen, which is the first time this particular post-production technique has been used in one of these ‘Katie & Tex’ episodes.

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