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RightShip asked us to create a video about their code of conduct. We suggested that an interactive animation, made in a collage style would be a sensible way to meet the brief. The style of animation works well for the subject matter because it uses photographic images of real people, but within animated environments. The benefits are that the viewer sees real faces, which are more relatable than animated characters.

Animated characters are perfect in certain lighthearted situations, but in a serious video, such as a code of conduct film, dealing with subjects like health and safety and sexual harassment, it was important to find a style of video that would reflect the importance of the issues being discussed.

The fact that it’s animated gives use flexibility to depict any situation, without having to rely on stock footage or expensive days of filming.

We know that internal comms teams often have a hard time grabbing attention so we suggested that an interactive video experience would be a great way to cut through the noise. It offers viewers a fun, learning experience that they can engage with. It’s also a novel concept so just by offering them an interactive video in the subject line of an email, will pique interest.

We used a collage style of animation with a 3D camera moving forwards during the introductory sequence to keep the story evolving, leading the viewer into the main body of the elearning content. Layers of video were mixed with still images in RightShips’s brand colours in a creative and engaging animation technique.

Interactive quiz questions were included throughout the video after key topics to help viewers retain and recall information about the code of conduct. These results are then fed back to RightShip’s HR team to monitor engagement and scores.

This is just a short snippet from a longer video which ran to 15 minutes in length.

The HR department were thrilled with the results because they now have an innovative way to engage their whole workforce with a visually arresting  animation about their code of conduct. Rather than creating a booklet or a webpage they brought the information to life in a manner that employees can interact with and test their knowledge on.

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