Procurement Leaders

Procurement Leaders is a multi award-winning business intelligence and networking company. They specialize in procurement, sourcing, and supply chain management. Procurement Leaders is a membership-led community that provides market information, data, education and networking services to the world’s top executives and their enterprises.

The Brief

The client was looking for a production company to film their event, the Ovation Retreat. Procurement Leaders wanted to showcase the exclusivity of the client list, the luxury of the location, and the unrivalled opportunity to network with the aim of attracting more leaders to join the event in the future.

Event Video

The Ovation Retreat is a 2-day event for leading global figures from some of the world’s biggest businesses. We approached the opportunity to film this retreat with a three-person crew, including two camera people and one sound operator. The event was located in the lovely Coworth Park in Ascot, providing much opportunity to obtain beautiful shots.

To obtain the inspirational look our client was after, we filmed with a drone for a couple hours in the late afternoon/early evening to capture birds-eye view shots of the venue and the delegates at the event within the grounds of the park. We used the Sony FS7 for our talking-head interviews, and a shoulder rig to get moving cutaways. We also used a Sony A7Sii on a DS1 Gimbal for additional intriguing footage.

Speed ramps were used in post-production to create sections of sped-up, exciting zooms.

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